Location: Loreto, Baja Mexico. Local Islands  

Activity: Half day fishing trip

Weather: The weather was a perfect day to be on the water fishing. It was about 85 degrees outside. There was a slight breeze blowing from the North at about 3 knots. 

Water: The water temp was 72 degrees around the Islands. The water color was a little green and seemed to be a lot if algae in the water.

Catch: We caught 2 snappers, 1 cabrilla, and 1 yellowtail. The snappers were smaller fish but good enough to keep. The yellowtail was about 20 pounds, and the cabrilla was a good size. We caught all of the fish on dead spanish mackerel. We also caught and released 1 mako shark and 1 sand shark.   

Misc: I saw a panga on the backside of Isla Carmen with a small yellowfin tuna so it looks like the tuna should be here shortly. Check our gallery for photos.