With Hurricane/Tropical Storm Bud approaching this week we had some clients reschedule their trip in the beginning of the week. That left us with some time for some maintenance, cleaning and time to prep for the storm. Bud came and went and fortunately was not too bad. We headed out this morning with a group of guys from Southern California. The swells were still up some from the storm. We found some weed lines but the storm dropped water temperatures down 7°, so off to some of our favorite spots to bottom fish it was. Right off the bat they got a good cabrilla (grouper), then several other groupers. The fight of the day came when an amberjack struck the mackerel like a freight train. It was a solid fight that had our customer wore out after. The waters calmed down as the day went on, we hope the temperatures climb back up this coming week. 


Today was an amazing day fishing on the Sea of Cortez. We had a great group of people with us including local Loreto legend Augie as well as many other locals and friends. The group chartered us to fish the outer islands of Loreto. We spent most of the day fishing a high spot we frequent just south of Catalina Island. Today was mostly bottom fishing with live bait at around 120 ft. A lot of the time when fishing in Loreto you can get some nice sized yellowtail fishing the bottom. Total fish count for todays trip was 10 yellowtail, 1 amberjack, 2 cabrilla (seabass) and 3 pargo (snapper). Overall you could not have asked for a better day fishing on the Sea of Cortez out of Loreto.