Today we headed out with a group of Dodger fans from Los Angeles. The skies were overcast with a slight drizzle here and there. We encountered a large pod of dolphins right away as we headed out into the Sea of Cortez. The bite started off well then died off shortly after. We managed to get a solid combination of yellowtail, grouper, and snapper on the boat. Was a good day for some family fun!


With the weather report not looking so great for the Loreto waters we suggested to our clients that it would probably be better to cancel yesterday and fish early today before an afternoon wind was supposed to arrive. They trusted our judgement and they were glad they did. We left Puerto Escondido made a quick stop to make some bait then headed out. Within minutes of arriving to our spot we were hooked up to a yellowtail. The bite was on!! We hooked up to several good sized yellowtail, lost a few but managed to put 6 on board. The yellows turned off for a bit but we landed a large cabrilla which put up a great fight, along with a few more cabrilla and a pargo. With the afternoon winds approaching and several great fish on the boat we all decided it was a good time to call an end to four great days of fishing together. Some full coolers will be headed home with these GREAT customers!


With Hurricane/Tropical Storm Bud approaching this week we had some clients reschedule their trip in the beginning of the week. That left us with some time for some maintenance, cleaning and time to prep for the storm. Bud came and went and fortunately was not too bad. We headed out this morning with a group of guys from Southern California. The swells were still up some from the storm. We found some weed lines but the storm dropped water temperatures down 7°, so off to some of our favorite spots to bottom fish it was. Right off the bat they got a good cabrilla (grouper), then several other groupers. The fight of the day came when an amberjack struck the mackerel like a freight train. It was a solid fight that had our customer wore out after. The waters calmed down as the day went on, we hope the temperatures climb back up this coming week. 


Today was a great day fishing in Loreto. Outpost Charters took a family fishing offshore. We fished the Islands of Loreto around Isla Catalan. The weather was very nice with just a slight breeze. This family had a great time catching fish all day long! We were fishing on a high spot with mackerel on the bottom. We caught limits on yellowtail, snapper, and cabrilla. The kids even got to catch a lot of fish themselves. We had a great time taking this fmaily fishing and hope the visit us in Loreto again soon. 


Location: Loreto, Baja Mexico. Local Loreto Islands South

Activity: Full day Loreto fishing trip

Weather: The weather was perfect 

Water: The water temp was around 76 degrees 

Catch: We caught 3 cabrilla all on live bait

Misc: Today was a perfect day departing out of the Loreto marina to go fishing. The weather was great and the charter customers were awesome!! 


Location: Loreto, Baja Mexico. Local Islands  

Activity: Half day fishing trip

Weather: The weather was great. It was probably 85 degrees out. There was a very slight breeze which was nice. 

Water: The water temp was 74 degrees around the Islands. Not much of a current today. 

Catch: We caught 8 yellowtail and 1 cabrilla all on live pacific mackeral and most of them on a slow troll. 

Misc: Perfect day on the water. 


Location: Loreto, Baja Mexico. Local Islands  

Activity: Half day fishing trip

Weather: The weather was a perfect day to be on the water fishing. It was about 85 degrees outside. There was a slight breeze blowing from the North at about 3 knots. 

Water: The water temp was 72 degrees around the Islands. The water color was a little green and seemed to be a lot if algae in the water.

Catch: We caught 2 snappers, 1 cabrilla, and 1 yellowtail. The snappers were smaller fish but good enough to keep. The yellowtail was about 20 pounds, and the cabrilla was a good size. We caught all of the fish on dead spanish mackerel. We also caught and released 1 mako shark and 1 sand shark.   

Misc: I saw a panga on the backside of Isla Carmen with a small yellowfin tuna so it looks like the tuna should be here shortly. Check our gallery for photos. 


Location: Loreto, Baja Mexico. Local islands  

Activity: Half day fishing trip

Weather: The weather was a perfect day to be on the water fishing. It was about 80 degrees outside. There was no wind today. 

Water: The water temp was 70 degrees around shore. 

Catch: We caught 2 very large cabrilla probably around 40 pounds and 1 yellowtail. We caught all of the fish on live bait. 

Misc: Check our gallery for photos. 


Location: Loreto, Baja Mexico.  

Activity: All day fishing trip

Weather: The weather was pretty bad today. It was about 73 degrees outside. There was a lot of wind blowing from the North and a pretty big swell. 

Water: The water temp was 69 degrees at the fishing grounds. There was a lot of white caps.

Catch: We caught a few cabrilla on live bait but had to come back in a little early because of the weather. 

Misc: Despite the horrible weather we all still had a good time and drank a lot of tequila. Check our gallery for photos.