hot springs


Location: Loreto, Baja Mexico.  Agua Verde Hot Springs 

Activity: Island cruise/Snorkeling

Weather: The weather was perfect and probably 80 degrees with no wind. 

Water: The water temp was about 70 degrees inside the cove. The water was very clear and clean. 

Activity: We pulled into the cove set anchor and jumped in the water to snorkel around. We were able to walk up to the hot springs but the water was too hot to get in. After a bit of exploring we returned to the boat for some snacks. We turned up the music, enjoyed some food and beer and enjoyed the view. 

Misc: Everyone had a blast. Check our gallery for photos. 


Location: Loreto, Baja Mexico. Aqua Verde hot water springs   

Activity: Island cruise/snorkeling 

Weather: Great weather for an island trip. It was probably mid 80's today. There was no real wind today. 

Water: The water temp was 72 degrees and really clear. 

Activity: We cruised South around Danzante Island and headed towards San Cosme. We saw a lot of life on the water including a few whales and a lot of dolphins. We stopped at the Aqua Verde hot water springs cove and anchored the boat. We jumped in the water and snorkeled around the cove and saw a lot of fish, starfish, and even an eel. After a swim we hopped on the boat, turned up the music, cracked a few beers and enjoyed lunch. 

Misc: Check our gallery for photos.