island tour


Location: Loreto, Baja Mexico. Honeymoon Cove   

Activity: Island cruise

Weather: The weather was a little windy but not too bad.

Water: The water temp was 69 degrees inside the cove. The water was very clear and clean. 

Activity: We pulled into the cove set anchor and relaxed. We turned up the music, enjoyed some food and beer and others jumped in the water any swam around. 

Misc: Everyone had a blast. Check our gallery for photos. 


Location: Loreto, Baja Mexico. Aqua Verde hot water springs   

Activity: Island cruise/snorkeling 

Weather: Great weather for an island trip. It was probably mid 80's today. There was no real wind today. 

Water: The water temp was 72 degrees and really clear. 

Activity: We cruised South around Danzante Island and headed towards San Cosme. We saw a lot of life on the water including a few whales and a lot of dolphins. We stopped at the Aqua Verde hot water springs cove and anchored the boat. We jumped in the water and snorkeled around the cove and saw a lot of fish, starfish, and even an eel. After a swim we hopped on the boat, turned up the music, cracked a few beers and enjoyed lunch. 

Misc: Check our gallery for photos.