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Second day in a row we found the giant yellowfin tuna out of Loreto. We set up just like we did yesterday. We set up on the anchor and started chunking squid. The biggest difference this time was the fish came up on a live mackerel and took angler Jorge Lazo for a ride. It was caught on an Accurate Valiant 800 with 60 pound test and 100 pound leader. These size fish are only in Loreto for a limited time so we were really happy to land this big boy. He weighed in at 319 pounds even. 


Today was an incredible day on the water. We left Puerto Escondido around 5:30 on the hunt for giant yellowfin tuna. We had some report from local commercial fisherman that had seen some crashing on the surface the day before. We got set up on our spot and started chunking squid. Around 11:30 in the afternoon we were hooked up. We ended up landing a 212.5 pound yellowfin tuna. The fight took about an hour and was caught on a Seeker custom rod and Okuma Makaira 50w with 100 pound Hi-Seas leader and 80 pound test. Great day of fishing in Loreto for tuna. 


Another great day of fishing in Loreto Baja Mexico. 


Another awesome day fishing in Loreto today! We left out of Puerto Escondido around 7am and traveled South around Isla Catalan. We were fishing a high spot around the island and found a lot of yellowtail, grouper, and snapper. The family we were with had never been fishing in Loreto before so needless to say they were very pleased with all the fish we caught. The fishing around the Loreto area lately has been very consistent and holding a lot of fish. The weather was perfect today with almost no wind and 80 degree temperatures. All of the fishing we did today was bottom fishing. We ended up with limits on out fish by around noon and headed back to Loreto to enjoy the rest of the day by the pool. If you are interested in fishing in Loreto please give Outpost Charters a call to book your trip today. 


Today was a great day fishing in Loreto. Outpost Charters took a family fishing offshore. We fished the Islands of Loreto around Isla Catalan. The weather was very nice with just a slight breeze. This family had a great time catching fish all day long! We were fishing on a high spot with mackerel on the bottom. We caught limits on yellowtail, snapper, and cabrilla. The kids even got to catch a lot of fish themselves. We had a great time taking this fmaily fishing and hope the visit us in Loreto again soon. 


Location: Loreto, Baja Mexico. South Islands  

Activity: Half day fishing trip

Weather: The weather was perfect with almost no wind and not too hot. 

Water: The water temp was 74 degrees around the Island.  

Catch: We caught 4 snapper and 11 grouper. We caught all of the fishing slow trolling live bait.     

Misc: Today was an amazing day on the water with great company, weather and most importantly fishing!!